Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Fantastic Service

Hi everyone. I hope you are all well. Isn't the weather awful. I don't have a card just now as I am in the middle of finishing it off for later today. I have been very busy at the weekend with trying to get organised for the decorating thats to be done soon. And we are off to Scarborough for the weekend on Friday morning so I am going to have to get organised for that too. However, Wee Steven started nursery last Thursday afternoon and yesterday he went for the whole time on his own and it was bliss. I was a wee bit lost and then I remembered that I need a card for Mum's birthday so I soon found the time gone, lol!

Anyway, enough of my waffling on. I only came on here to say a huge THANK YOU and also to sing some praises, lol! As I said, it's my mum's birthday on Thursday so, yesterday morning I placed two orders online for some goodies for her (and a couple of wee bits for me, lol)...cutting it fine, I know...but I always do, lol! However, you can imagine my delight when the postman arrived this morning with both parcels!

So...thank you very much to the staff at The Gliiter Pot for the excellent fast service and also to Nikki over at Bunny Zoes Crafts for her super service also. I have ordered from The Glitter Pot before and they were good but this is best yet, lol. This is my first time ordering from Nikki but I will definitely be back fact...I really like those Basic Grey Eskimo papers, lol!

Thanks once again


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