Thursday, 11 February 2010

Valentines Gift

Hi everyone. Much nicer weather this week - still chilly but at least dry and no sign of snow. This has been made for my son, Jack to give to his wee girlfriend for Valentines Day.

I used the birdhouse templated from Magnolia Ink magazine once again - I love this wee gift box and it is so easy to make. Filled with Cadburys Dairy Milk Miniatures this time. For the card, I used my circle scalloped Nesties and went for a shaped card - first time I've made one of these but you will all be seeing lots more because I love them - so cute and dinky, lol.

The sentiment was done on the pc. The papers are from Divine Digital and only cost me about £1.50 - what a bargain and they are gorgeous! The flowers are punched with small and medium retro punches from the desgn paper and cardstock. The lace is from my stash as are the gems and ribbon. I have also added a wee trim of lace to the bottom each side of the birdhouse roof.

I can enter this into quite a few challenges so... here goes:

1. Crafty Cardmakers - Digital Delights (sentiment and papers)
2. Cupcake Craft - Red and White all over
3. Stamp with Fun - Hearts (heart papers)
4. Creative Card Crew - Valentines
5. My Time To Craft - Hearts and Kisses
6. Stamp Something - Love Something
7. Stamping for the Weekend - Valentines Themed
8. Sweet Stop Sketches - Fantastic Sketch (card - certainly challenged me!)
9. Cute Card Thursday - In The Name of Love
10.Simon Says Stamp - What's Love Got To Do With It?
11.The Pink Elephant - Mushy Gushy Valentine
12. ABC - N is for New (papers)

Phew - Think that's the lot. I am never quite sure when combining that many challenges - but there are just so many brilliant ones out there that we all want to enter and so little time to do them all in that needs must, lol.

Thanks for taking the time to look. Please leave me a comment if you stop by - I love to read them and pay you a visit in return



Lisa Jane said...

Those little bird houses are gorgeous - and you have made them so exquisitely. I must have a go myself ( add it to the long list of things to try!)
The little round cards are co lovely too - a perfect combination
Lisa ;)

Donna said...

A perfect make for this weeks challenge, the little birdhouse is delightful and so is your card...thanks for joining us at Cupcake :) Donna x

Pat said...

Gorgeous projects, the birdhouse is lovely. Thanks for joinint in at MTTC this week.

Pat xx

Anonymous said...

Wow, Suzanne, this is FABULOUS!!! Thank you for using our sketch for your lovely gift set. Your card ROCKS, as does the "tweet" bird house :)!! I hope you will join us again over at The Sweet Stop!


Biscuitlid said...

fab take on our theme this week.

So pleased to see you at Cupcake and Creative Card Crew this week

CreaRenata said...

This is very beautiful Suzanne! Love the colours and the little birdhouse is so sweet! Thank you for playing at The Sweet Stop.

Trudi said...

What a cute idea Suzanne! Love it! Thanks for playing along with us this week at TPE!

Trudi said...

What a cute idea Suzanne! Love it! Thanks for playing along with us this week at TPE!

Ann said...

oh wow just beautiful Thanks for sharing with us at the Pink Elephant.
Ann xxx

Catherine said...

Your two creations are just gorgeous ! Thanks for joining us at CupcakeCraft ! Smile from Catherine

crafty amy said...

This is an amazing project your son is very lucky to have you to make this for him to be able to give as she is going to love it :D
Thank you for joining us at stampin' for the weekend and good luck.

X Amy X

Nancy said...

What a gorgeous project, Suzanne:O) I know your son's girlfriend will be thrilled getting this fabulous pressie! Love the pretty papers and awesome design.
Thank you for joining us at Stampin' for the Weekend, good luck!

Annie said...

love your tweet Valentine gift! thanks for joining in the fun with us at CCT this week. hugs, annie x

Liza said...

Fabulous work. Thanks for joining us at CCC.

Liza x

Lorraine A said...

Beautiful card and little bird house ,,, very cute :-) the papers anc colours you used are just perfect ! :-)

thanks for joining us on the Simon Says Stamp and ABC Challenges :-)
Lols and the DT :-)

The Crafty Den said...

Hi Suzanne, wow what an amazing valentine's set. The birdhouse is stunning and the papers are gorgeous. Thanks for joining us at cupcake craft challenge this week. Hugs, Denise x

Sarah said...

These are fantastic! I love the little house and the round card! So different to what I normally do!Might have a go myself!

Catherine Marshall said...

All I can say is your work is fab!!!please feel free to visit my blog

Gunn (Merete) said...

Wow, this is so wonderful and what a great gift to make. I love it. Love these papes and the design is stunning.
Thanks for joining us at SFTW.
Gunn :-D

Vixykins said...

Outstanding design, I wanna make one lol!!

So clever and beautiful x

Thank You for joining us at Crafty Cardmakers x

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