Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Lonely Wee Scottish Boy

Hello everyone. Today I have a card to show you that my mum made. My son, Jack has gone to Poland on an exchange trip with his school and he was to take a small gift for the family to say thank you. I thought that a card would be nice to go with the gift and didn't have a chance to do one so...asked Mum.

I think she has done a fantastic job and he looks great. Thanks Mum. 

Now, the reason for the title of the post and it's not wee Hamish here who is lonely - it's our Jack. Unfortunately, Jack has had quite a big shock as to the culture change and is finding it very hard. He is only 12 and he is hundreds of miles away living with a family he doesn't know and who  don't speak much english and he doesn't speak any polish. The family he is living with have been lovely and allowed him to phone home lots and he has been on facebook to speak to us but he is so upset and lonely. It is actually heartbreaking. I feel so helpless when all I want to do is give him a massive hug.  I did say I would fly over and get him but he is being very brave and trying to stick it out thankfully because it would be very difficult to get to where they are staying as there are no flights near there and by the time I got there it would be nearly time for him to come home.  He is out on a trip all day tomorrow and it will be nearly bedtime when he gets back and then he will only have one more night to go so, fingers crossed, he will be ok.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Hope you like Mum's card.



melsanford said...

Oh what a shame, poor thing! I hope he feels happier soon. Gorgeous card - a perfect gift to take with him :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

heidy said...

Your mums card is gorgeous Suzanne!
Sorry to hear about Jack!
Hugs Heidy

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