Friday, 31 July 2009

Fireman Sam meets A Spoonful of Sugar and ABC

Hi everyone. Hope you are all well. I haven't had much time for crafting this past week again. We went to Blackness Castle the other day. It was really nice but my legs are killing me, lol! Yesterday we were off to Almond Valley Heritage Centre (Mill Farm) in Livingston. My kids loe it there. It was a bit wet and windy though so we didn't stay quite as long as we normally would have. This time, the big attraction for my lot was the ducks having swimming lessons. There was a wee area fenced off and they had set out a deck chair and parasol (the staff - not the ducks) and there was a paddling pool for them to get used to the water. It was dead cute.

Anyway, onto the card. I have made this card for Wee Steven's 3rd birthday. and have followed the sketch over on A Spoonful of Sugar. I got the picture from a free colouring site and then resized it a bit with photoshop. I have at last tried my hand at something other than my watercolour pencils, lol! I have used promarkers for this one. And...I quite enjoyed it! The circle is mirri card cut on the Bug with Nesties and then put through the Bug again with the 'Happy Birthday Text' embossing folder. All the cardstock used is from my stash. It took me ages to do the wee fire engines. Using the Bug again, I cut out 3 white, 3 blue, 3 Red and then 3 black. Next, I used diamond glaze and made them up by adding all the different wee bits. I have also added diamond glaze to his hat but I am not sure if you can see it or not in the photo. I would also like to enter this into the ABC challenge where the theme this week is 'Yellow'- use yellow on your cards.

My mum says that she doesn't know if I can use this or not due to copyright but, since this was a free colouring sheet and I am not selling it then I hope I am ok. If it can't be used in the challenge though then I'll understand. A fantastic sketch all the same, lol.
Really enjoyed making this one. I think it's a mixture of finally having a decent place to craft - got myself a desk during the week - and the fact that I know Wee Steven will love it.

Hope you like it


Helen said...

Fab card - love the little fire engines!
Thanks for joining us at the ABC Challenge this week!
Helen x

Cathy said...

Fab kid's card - love Fireman Sam!
Thank you for joining in the ABC challenge this week.
Cathy xx

Dawn said...

Wonderful card - any boy would love this!

thanks for joining us on ABC


kimmie x said...

I just love Sam Mum. He's an amazing card !!

Love you xx

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