Saturday, 9 January 2010

Charisma Cardz and A Spoonful of Sugar

Hi everyone. More snow again this morning. Snow, snow go away...come again another day, lol. I seem to have caught a terrible cold and yesterday I couldn't stop sneezing...with today being no better. Unfortunately, I have to go ad get a birthday present for the kids to give to their cousin today. Last minute as usual. I also need to buy some food or we may just starve, lol.

This card has been made for two challenges. The first being Charisma Cardz Challenge where the theme is a colour challenge this week - pink, brown, cream and toffee. And also for A Spoonful of Sugar challenge where the theme is Hearts - lots of them on the papers. I have actually followed the sketch from last week at Just Magnolia but I was too late to enter - not like me, ehh. So, the image is Sarah Kay - First Kiss and is coloured with Distress Inks. I have cut round the image and mounted it on foam pads onto the ovals which were cut with Nesties on the Bug. The corners were cut with a Bug die. The design papers are Basic Grey Bittersweet (again). The cream lace is from my stash. The fibre is papermania - I think. The flowers were punched with retro flower punches and curled round my embossing tool. The brads are Bo Bunny.

Thanks for taking the time to look.



Lisa Jane said...

I love the Sarah Kay image and so beautifully coloured.
The Pinks and Browns cmpliment each other so well.
A delightful card.
Lisa ;)

Allison said...

lovely card
Thanks for playing along at Charisma this week

Sally said...

Fabulous card. That is one of my favorite SK images. Thanks for joining us at Charisma Cardz.

cats whiskers said...

Oh Sweetie this is just stunning love the pink and brown colour scheme and the image is so cute and beautifully coloured, a perfect card
Hugs Jacqui x

Leanne said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you for joining us at Charisma this week - good luck!!


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