Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Where is Mr Mojo?

Hi everyone. I have nothing to show you today. What a terrible blogger. Last week, I started on the Friday Sketchers Challenge and it all wentreally well untill I put the image on! Just wasn't right and nothing worked - not even usingh a different image. Obviously, it must have been the choice of papers for that particular sketch that was wrong but...I gave up and suince then, Mr Mojo seems to have gone walkabout! I've even bought a few images and spent hours blog hopping sign of him yet.

I thought though that I better come on and pick up and pass on the award that was so kindly given to me by Mandy from A Sprinkling of Glitter.

I haven't been given this one before and am delighted to receive it. Now, the rules are that I must tell you all 10 things that make me really hapy and then pass this on to 10 people. So, here goes...

1. My Family
2. Crafting
3. Buying craft goodies
4. Blog Hopping
5. Reading
6. Chocolate
7. To see my children happy
8. Sunshine
9. Christmas
10. My Friends

Now, I am absolutely useless at this bit so I would like to pass this to everyone who visits my blog and would like to have this award.

This week has been really strange for me because Jack who is only 10 has gone away to school camp, Benmore. I didn't hink I would be quite as upset as I have been because Jack spends a lot of time at my mum's but, he is here every day after school and I spend most of the weekend with my mum's hit me a lot harder than I expected! I even had a wee cry last night, lol! Anyway, it's only till Friday so...2 more sleeps, lol

Thanks for taking the time to look and thanks again to Mandy for my award.


Suzanne x

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All Pink girl said...

Hi Hun xxx
please can you link to mr linky please as was not showing be fore and would hate for you to miss out on the candy
hugs Dawnx

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