Sunday, 5 September 2010

Cake Decs - 1st attempt

I thought I would show you the wee figures I made at my college class the other night. Please remember though, that these are a first attempt, lol.

Mum and I paid a visit to Hobbycraft today and I got some new goodies for college. Hopefully, I will get better with practise!I am quite looking forward to Tuesday night now.



Lindsey said...

Oh you are so clever! Is that marzipan you've used? I would love to be able to do something like this. Every year I say to myself i'll enroll in September and every year i forget! I bet college is fun!
Linds x

Mandy said...

Oh hun these are brilliant, can't believe it's your first attempt, sooooo cute
hugs Mandy xx

Lynne said...

These look really good on the puter. I am soooo looking forward to that Christmas cake this year! Mum.x

Anonymous said...

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