Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Have bought lots of lovely goodies recently and not managed to make anything. On Friday night, my daughter was in shower when it went freezing cold... Boiler had decided to pack in. Not to worry, it was only -2 outside. Finally got a plumber on Saturday morning after some phoning around. What happened to wanting to earn money??? He said it needs a new part... will arrive on Monday or Tuesday!! Wonderful- we'll just freeze in the meantime! Plumber phones at lunch on Tues and says he will come in afternoon. Five hours later, he phones again to say he's not managed to pick up the part and the merchant is now closed. He will come first thing in the morning. Ha!! It's now 11.15 and we are still sitting with scarves and gloves on in front of the fire. (Thank goodness for gas fires, ehh). On top of the house being freezing and having to go visit my mum to have showers, both boys have came down with viral infections over the weekend! Could things get any worse?!! Oh Yes!! I managed to smash the inside pane of my sitting room window last night whilst fixing the curtain pole! Had to phone a glazier out at 11.30 at night so it was 3 am before I got to bed only to have to fight with my youngest for some covers for 4 hours then get back up to put fire on for them all getting up!!!
Such a boring post but at least I have had a moan and feel slightly better! I suppose 'Things Can Only Get Better' lol!!!!

Hopefully I will get some crafting done today and that will cheer me up.

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I think I will just sit here and look at everybody else's gorgeous work today. That will definitely cheer me up!

Suzanne x

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