Monday, 26 January 2009


This giveaway is now closed.
Please see newer posts for winners.

About time too! I have had a look in my stash and I have come up with a few bits and pieces to say thank you for stopping by and looking at my work. So, I have put together two small parcels.

The first contains:

a selection of 6x6 papers (- lilac/turquoise, dark browns and orangeish, bright florals;
1x pack of pattern stickers - which can be embroidered or beaded - by Fancy Work;
1x pack of metal index tabs (family & friends) by Making Memories.
1x box of Berol black & white oil pastels;
1x box of Berol metallic oil pastels;
1x box of Berol flesh tones oil pastels:
10x stamped images (same as 2nd lot, lol)!

The second contains:
2x 6x6 paper packs from Papercraft for you in pink and blue;
Selection of stamped images - 2x Sarah Kay 'First Kiss', 2x Sugar Nellie/Elisabeth Bell 'Picking Apples', 2x WOJ 'Oakley on Scooter', 2x WOJ 'Willow with Umberella', 2x Forever Friends bear with Cake, 2x Forever Friends Bear with Present

NOW, what do you have to do to enter? I love to take a look at everyone else's work! It is very inspiring but also, sometimes, I see a beautiful card that someone has created and it cheers me up. It is really nice to read all the encouraging comments that are left on all the blogs too.
Anyway, to be in with the chance of winning you must:

1.) Post a link on your blog to tell about my candy;
2.) Leave a coment under this post with a link to your blog (so I can check that you are sharing the candy, lol!) and;
3.) Put in a link to your favourite blog (so I can stop by and see where you get your inspiration
inspiration from).

You must do all three to be entered into the draw. This will take place on Sunday 25/01/09 at 6.30pm when my children will put all the names into a hat and pick out two winners.

Still need to stamp the images,lol!

Good luck to everyone and thank you once again for looking at my work.

Suzanne x

Thanks to Gayle for telling me how to get the blooming thing to stay at top of page, lol!


Gayle said...

Hi Suzanne
To get the post to stay t=at the top, go back into 'edit post' then select post options, and change the date until when you want it to stay until...that will work, as you've already published it once!
If that doesn't me! You'll find a link on my blog
Gayle x

Lorraine A said...

Hi Suzanne, congratulations on all your hits !! I ve posted your pics with link on by sidebar :-)
I have a few favourite blogs but one of them is Rica's Haven, she does lovely work :-)

Good luck with your blog

valerie2350 said...

Great Giveaway!
I posted about it here:
And I find the photography on this blog very inspirational :

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your hits hunni, ive posted on my candy roll on the side, and the blog that most inspires me is... - nat she's lovely and her cards are fantastic!

Carlz xxx

Joy said...

Fabulous giveaway! I would love for my name to be thrown into the hat.

I have added your giveaway post to my "Current Giveaways" link on my sidebar.

I get a lot of inspiration from the Mind Wide Open art challenge blog. It's wonderful. The url is

MoooooN said...

Hello! What's a candy! I've made a post about it in my blog:
My favourite blog:
Thanks for a chance to win!


Mony said...

HI!!My favourite blog is: because there are a lot of beautiful ideas. I linked you on my blog! (I'm from Italy)

lorides said...

Hi, please count me in. I like the momlogic blogs.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful candy. I have placed a link on my sidebar for your candy. I love to stop at for great ideas. Thanks for the chance to win. Krista P.

~Vittory~ said...

Hi! Thank you for chance to win!
I've added link on my sidebar telling about your lovely candy!
My favorite blogs are

terriavidreader said...

Well, here's my blog to check I listed your candy: and here's where I get some inspiration:
and now, I'd love to win this candy!

А@A said...

thank you for the chance to win
I've posted your link in my blog

and my favorite blog is

Bunny B said...

Nice candy! Thanks for the chance!

One of my fave blogs:

bunnybx at gmail . com

Anonymous said...

Hi! Very lovely yummy candy!
Posted about it in my blog
One of my favorite blogs:


Sena said...

Such generous candy! Thanks :)
I have you linked at
and one of my favorite blogs is


Rhynah said...

Yum yum, what a candy! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

HERE's the address to my blog. And HERE to the one where I go for inspiration.

- Rhynah

Suzy said...

Nice giveaway.
here is my blog
and here one of my favorites

Anonymous said...

Hiya hunni, thanks for telling me about your candy! ive already joined it lol!! happy crafting and thank you for your kind comments, your blogs looking fab!! carly xx

Ivolina said...

Very nice candy.
My link
My favorite inspirational place is here

Happy Crafter said...

Hi Suzzanne, Wonderful candy thanks for the chance to win, Here. is the link to my blog :)
Here. is a blog i love and get inspiration from she has some amazing creations :)
I have linked your candy in my candy bar top right.
Hugzz Val xxx

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Hi Suzanne.Drooling RAKS.Thanks for being so generous to share it with us. I have put a widget of your blog candy on my sidebar. My favorite site of inspiration is this

The blog owner comes up with different color combination and you will see that as you join you improve your color combi skills.


coldwaters2 said...

Hi Suzanne I want to thank you so much for visiting my blog its wonderful when I get new visitors who leave such lovely compliments about my work it does good for my confidence. Well as you can see I have taken up your invitation to visit and its certainly worth it not just for the candy but its a beuatiful blog I will add it to my favourites so I can visit regularly. My blog is here thanks once again.
Lorraine x

AliMayes said...

Thanks for your generosity Suzanne. I've really enjoyed visiting your blog. The blog that I love partly because we egged each other on to start one, a sort of "I will if you will" thing,just over a week ago, is Frankie who makes the most stunning cards! Off to link you on my blog now.
Ali xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne. Very wonderful candy.

TheLittleFrog said...

Hello Suzanne! Great candy, I put a link on my blog. For inspiration u should definitely check out the blog my cousin has...

Take care:)

Katarina said...

Great idea to see where people get their inspiration from. I get mine from a friend I met on the web. Her name is Coni and here's her blog:

she also has one in German, you can find the link on her blog.

I've written about your candy on my blog. Thanks for the chance.

crafting diva said...

Hi Suzanne wonderful candy draw please can you add me I have put a link on the side of my blog and added you to my favouite blogs thanks so much

Donna said...

I posted here.

One of my favorite blogs is Feisty, Frugal, and Fabulous at

Anonymous said...

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