Friday, 14 August 2009

A Combo

Hi everyone. Hope you are all well. The weather here is awful and this always makes me feel terrible too. Hate the rain! Not that I've got time for sitting in the sun anyway this week. Wee Steven's 3rd birthday tomorrow so I am quite busy with shopping and that dreaded 'H' word for family visiting, lol!

Front of bookmark:

And the back:

This card was made for 2 challenges originally. But is now being entered into 4: Just Magnolia - Friends; Creative Inspirations - Tags; Stampavie & More - Bookmark; Simon Says Stamp Challenge - Not A Card. And, although I never made it in time for Martine's sketch.....I checked this morning and it still qualifies because this week the theme is 'Friends' - Yeah! I have made the optional tag also. And, although this is attached to a card, there is still the added bonus of a bookmark which is also not a card - if that makes sense so, then it qualifies for Simon Says and Stampavie.

Anyway, must dash off so I hope you like it.


Anne H. said...

Such a lovely bookmark / card!
An adorable image and beautiful colors.
Thanks for joining us this week at Stampavie and More.
Anne -:)

Queenie said...

Great card,gorgeous bookmark she is such a sweet image.
Thanks for joining us over at Creative Inspirations.
ps i am so tired of the rain here in my part of the country too so grey and dismal.
so extra hugs from me to you.
Hope the birthday goes weel and the family visits.

coldwaters2 said...

Love it Suzanne Tilda looks great and your colours are gorgeous.

Lorraine x

Rach said...

a fabulous card, thank you for joining us at just magnolia. hugs rachxx

sari said...

this is sooo adorable!!

debbies said...

Great combination of challenges - way to go!

Ivi said...

The card with tis lovely bookmark is so cute!!!!!

Thanks for joining us at stampavie and more.

Hugs Ivi

debby4000 said...

Oh this is fabulous, brilliant creation.

LOUISE said...

Great card with matching Tag Suzanne, love the Tilda, and your flowers are lovely too. Thanks for joining us on Creative Inspirations Challenge. LOuise x said...

Very cute tag! Tilda is just darling and I like how it can be neatly tucked into the card.

Thanks so much for entering the Simon Says Stamp Challenge!


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