Thursday, 20 August 2009

Friday Sketchers #65

Hi everyone. Hope you are all well. Still got that awful weather here minute it's chucking it down and the next the sun is scorching us...can't win, ehh!

This one is to send to a friend of Steven's. His partner has just had a baby girl and would you believe it...all the design papers I have and, all the cards I have already made and nothing to suit a wee girl! Well, not strictly true...I had one sheet of pink paper so thank goodness for pink CS and the Bug, lol!

I have followed the fantastic sketch over at Friday Sketchers...loved it! The image is from Dimension Forth and is coloured with Twinkling H2Os and Cosmic Shimmer watercolour paints. The design paper is Imaginisce - Baby Powder. Used the Baby embossing folder in the Bug. Punched a strip of card along both edges with the Martha Stewart Doily Lace punch, added a wee strip of the dp to it and some pink ribbon flowery stuff on top of this. The flowers are Craftwork Cards paper strips punched with a Retro flower punch and have a spacer and wee brad in the centre of them. The wee charm is a pair of feet and has been added with jump rings which means I can also enter this one into Lili of the Valley Challenge where the theme this week is Charms.
Hope you like it. If you take the time to stop by my blog please leave me a comment to let me know so I can come and visit yours.



Jennifer Meyer said...

Super sweet card Suzanne, your cards are adorable!

Thanks for appylying to the OCC!
Hugs & Smiles, Jennifer :)

cats whiskers said...

Oh this is just the cutest card every I love it
Hugs Jacqui x

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