Monday, 31 August 2009

An Award

Hi everyone. I haven't got a card to show today. I have been busy this morning...watching a couple of fab tutorial on making flowers. First, one on Rach's blog using retro punches and the second on the Just Magnolia monthly blog, using a sizzix die, by Michelle. Then of course, I had to have a wee go at it. I tried Rach's one first as I have those punches but I think I will have to go and buy the sizzix die, lol! Bought it before from Hobbycrap but it was the wrong die and they didn't have the right one. I'm sure they had it in a wee shop at Eskbank so I might just have to nip out there today lol.
Anyway, the reson for my post is that I have received this fab award from my daughter, Kim. Kim makes some beautiful cards when she's in the mood and I am very proud of her and pleased to accept this award from her.

The rules are that I have to link to the person I received this from, which I have. Then, I have to list seven things about myself. So, here goes...not promising you'll find them interesting though...

1.) I love to read. I read anything at all...magazines, newspapers, books, etc. I read any fiction books at all, especially crime.
2.) I have absolutely no patience whatsoever...I am the least patient person I know.
3.) I am the most bad tempered person I to my son and daughter, lol...they do say that children take after their parents...unfortunately, lol.
4.) My favourite place in the world is Scarborough.
5.) I love to much so that I think nothing of taking of to visit my favourite place for the weekend...I used to visit for the day before Wee Steven was born but since I don't get much sleep now, I can't manage the drive all in one day.
6.) I am addicted to chocolate. I can't have it in the house and not eat it.
7.) I like to try myu hand at making jewellery now and again.

There! Told you it wuldn't be very interesting, lol! Now, I have to pass this award onto seven people and I was going to leave this bit because it is so difficult to choose but I have decided to pass it t people whose blogs I love to read every day. I know they will have received this before but I hope they won't mind getting it again.

1.) Kath
2.) Dawny P
3.) Bev
4.) Jacqui
5.) Rach
6.) Nikki
7.) Lynne



Rach said...

congrats on your award sweetie, thank you for thinking of me. big hugs rachxx

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