Sunday, 25 April 2010


Hello everyone. Hope you are all well. I don't know what is going on with this weather - one minute it's lovely sunshine and the next it's pouring down - what a joke ehh.
Anyway, I've not got anything crafty today because my mojo seems to have gone walkabout - funny, it seems that everyone is feeling the same way at the moment...either not making stuff or not liking what they do manage to make!

So, for as bit of a change, I thought I'd stick a few pics up of non crafty stuff...

This is one I managed to catch of Kim when we were out at the park for a picnic a couple of weeks ago - stuffing har face, lol

This is the lovely box of chocs I got from my friend, Lizzie, for my was at the start of the month but I only see her now and again. Although I love the chocs...I REALLY love the box, lol.

Now, for the last pics, I got a lovely cake stand a few weeks ago at Dunhelm Mill and never got round to using it yet...I thought it was going to be another one of those things that sit about doing nothing and then I saw these fab mugs at Dobbies Garden World and I just had to buy them, lol.
So, I have been making some wee cupcakes to go with the stand and my new mugs...

No laughing at the icing on the's the first time I've used a piping bag...and Wee Steven done a couple too, lol.
Thanks fortaking the time to look...If you see my mojo on your travels send him home please - I miss him
Suzanne x

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Rachael said...

Your cupcake icing looks like mine! I bet they are tasty.

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