Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A Bag for Steven

Hello everyone. Quick post tonight as I am just back from my first cake class at college and I still have to get the school things ready for tomorrow. I really enjoyed the class and we made a couple of wee figures which I will show tomorrow as long as you promise notto laugh!. This is a small bag I made for Steven. I had the idea to make a bag for my friends wee girl who has just started ballet lessons. I thought she would like a wee bag to carry her shoes in and, knowing how Steven would react to her getting a bag and him not...I made his first! He uses it to put his new shoes in and also to take his PJs to Grannys when he goes to stay. I have used some nice ribbon as the drawstring.

As yet, I haven't managed to make one for Sophie, hopefully will get it done on Friday before I see her at the weekend. Anyway, off to get organised. Thanks for taking the time to look



jaimie said...

Hi Suzanne,

Nice bag!

Greetings, Jaimie

Lindsey said...

Oh clever you! This is great, i might have to use this idea for Jamies PE kit!
Linds x

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