Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A Wee Note

Hi everyone. I am posting this very quickly as I am running so behind with everything that i really shouldn't be on here at all. Did you all see Corrie last night? Oh My Word...but, will have to save that for another post.

As a member of a couple of design teams, I am aware that quite often, some old work is linked up to fit new/current challenges. This is why on all the challenges I work on, one of the rules is that 'only new work' should be submitted' this is to make it fair on all the people who take the time to make a card specifically for certain challenges.
However, I have only just realised that it may be possible that people are not actually backlinking! Last night, I started to write up this post (monday) when I was ready to upload my image, I couldn't find it on the pc so...I saved my post. This morning, I took a new photo of my card, added it to the saved post and published it...never realising that it still had yesterdays date on it!!

So, I apologise to everyone on the challenges I have entered. This was a genuine mistake. But, I just want to urge everyone to check the date in the post options before hitting publish

Thanks for stopping by. Off to see if it will let me fix the date now.


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Janette said...

Thanks for sharing this, makes me wonder how often this has happened, such a small detail so easily overlooked.xx

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