Thursday, 10 February 2011

An Award

Hi there everyone. I hope you are all well. I have a bit of a sore throat - nothing serious but I also have this really annoying cough. A bit of a tickle at the back of my throat bt it is driving me MAD - if I wasn't already, lol. Talking of which...the one who is usually driving me crazy is...yes, wait for it...SLEEPING. Believe me, I am touching wood as I type, lol. Left him with my mum for no more than 10 minutes tonight because I was bringing his outdoor playhouse home from her garden and needed to put the seats down in the car. So, leave him there...go back 10 minutes later and he is out for the count. I am going to try it every night, lol.

Anyway, I have actually just popped on to accept an award from my lovely design team mate, Dianne. This was actually given to me a good few days ago but I haven't had a chance to go and grab it!  Thank you so much, Dianne. I think by now that everyone knows how much I love to recieve these.

The rules for this one are:

You have been tagged and want to participate.Then create a post where you post
the 'LOVE BLOG' image. You should also blog the persons link that gave you
the award and inform them that you have accepted this award.
You can choose 3-5 blogs which you also link in your post
then each blogger will inform you they have been tagged,
Dear Bloggers
The aim of this action is that we bring unknown,good,blogs to light,
So i would ask you not to blog fellow blogger's that have more
then 3,000 follower's

So, I usually always pass my awards on but, since I have received this and also passed it before, I am going to just say that if you stop by and visit and you would like this then please help yourself.

Hugs Suzanne

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