Friday, 15 May 2009

Babys Cupcakes

Hi everyone. Hope everyone is doing ok and enjoying their Friday Night. I have been quite busy tonight and have managed to complete three projects. Steven took the children to visit his mum and dad tonight so I had a bit of peace and quiet for 2 hours. It was bliss.
Tonight I wanted to show off my wee cupcakes. I have seen these done by other people and thought they were excellent but never got round to trying it till now.

I have made the 'cake', fitted it into a 'case' , punched a wee flower and added the flower with a coloured pin. I have only made a couple to fit into the wee box I made the other day.

These are not very good photos because its so late and the light is really bad in here. And, I know they aren't amazing cupcakes either but, not bad for a first attempt - even if I do say so myself, lol!

Hope you like them



Lynne said...

These look good enough to eat; pity they are made out of socks!


helen said...

aww how cute are these!!! fabulous cupcakes ....mmmm cake!!!!
hungry now lol
helen x

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