Saturday, 16 May 2009

An Award

I am delighted to receive this award from Lorraine. It is always nice to know that other people appreciate the work we do. I love it when I get something like this or even just when someone takes the time to leave a wee comment. It gives great encouragement and makes it all worthwhile. Thank you so much, Lorraine.

Now the 'Inspirational Award' you can nominate as many as you like to receive it, put the award on your blog, leave a comment and last but not least and this is the twist is to tell of a fact about yourself that no-one else knows and put it on your blog.

Well... did anyone know that I belong to a generation of at least 4 cardmakers -my daughter, me, my mum and my gran. There may be more that we don't know about yet, lol!

I find it very difficult to choose who to pass these things onto so I would like to give this to anyone who visits my award as a wee thank you for supporting me.

Thanks again, Lorraine


1 comment:

helen said...

congratulations on your award hon you deserve it
helen x

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