Monday, 29 March 2010

What on earth is happening?

Is it just me or is everyone having problems with Mr Blogger today. I thought I was doing realy well. I managed to make a card in one afternoon and also get all the post done. I even took all the I just can't get them to upload. aAAAARGH


Mandy said...

I did a post about 5 ish and it was o.k, I've just come back online and lots of blogs have photos not showing up on them!!!!!
hugs Mandy xx

Lisa Jane said...

I have had the problem all day! can't see a lot of other peoples photos or post my own. I thought it was my laptop - glad its blogger ! well i wish it wasn;t happening at all - but hopefully it will get sorted
Lisa ;)

Penni said...

Lots of the photos on my blog are missing too. It seems to be a problem with blogger, so hopefully it will get sorted soon.


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