Saturday, 4 April 2009

Hamish Fixing

Hi everyone. First of all, please ignore my terrible photography skills. I don't know what was wrong but I could not get a decent photo of this card at all. It's much nicer in real life - honestly! This card is the one that I made for last weeks Charisma Cardz Challenge - Favourite Things and I never got round to posting it in time. Hamish Fixing Tractor by Sugar Nellie has to be my most favourite stamp. My two year old loves to fix things and when he seen this stamp he was very excited. He loves to 'help' when we are crafting and often says "Wanna make a picture for mine's Daddy".
I haven't added a greeting yet but I think this one can be for Wee Steven to give his Daddy for Father's Day. A bit early but at least we'll be prepared this year, lol!
The image is coloured with Distress Inks, the design papers are Boxer by Basic Grey and the cardstock is from my mum's stash, lol! The sketch is an old one from Whiff of Joy Challenge and created by Katharina.
Hope you like it!

Suzanne x


coldwaters2 said...

Hi Suzanne I love this image you have done a great job with this one.

Lorraine x

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