Friday, 3 April 2009

My Birthday Cards

Hi everyone! I wanted to show off these gorgeous card that I received for my birthday on Wednesday.

The first one is from my sister:

The next is from Jack and Wee Steven - with a lot of help from Granny again, lol!:

The last is from my mum:

I thought these were lovely and that a lot of effort was put into making these and I wanted to show them off to everyone!
Once again, Kimberley sent a lovely one too but I will let her show this on her own blog - just don't hold your breath waiting for it, lol!

I will try and pop back later with a card that I made for the Charisma Card Challenge last week - favourite things - but sadly, never got round to posting in time.

Suzanne x


Alvaro said...

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terriavidreader (USA - IN) said...

Happy Belated Birthday Suzanne~

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