Friday, 7 January 2011

Just a few pics...

Hi all. I just wanted to share a couple of pics. We were building a new pc desk for our Jacks room the other night and...believe it or not... this is about the only time we get any peace! First of all, Jack has no interest in building stuff at all - so he just stays well out the way, usually on his xbox and secondly, Wee Steven is always in total awe at the tools that come out...

This one is when he puts his hand on it and says...I'm just touching it!

This one is when he has had 'the nod' from me to say ...ok, a wee shot!

And, finally, this one when he is totally engrossed in his 'work'!

He loves anything to do with tools...especially the moments when he gets to use the real ones, lol. That tool box you can see behind him was one of the presents Santa brought him. Yes, it's a real one - the exact one he asked for, lol.

Ok, I am off because he is too quiet and I think he may have the screwdriver set again



heidy said...

Oh look at his face,what a cute little fellow.
Suzanne your right ,I use an inkpad,and you always got the right papers for your image,I love it
Hugs Heidy

Ginny said...

love this set of photos, my youngest was/is still mad about anything construction...and he's

Lynne said...

I'm hoping this will continue when he's grown up; that way we won't have to pay for joiners etc!! I hope you made a good job of it Steven. I'll have to come to inspect it. Gran.x

melsanford said...

Awww! So cute! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

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