Tuesday, 22 December 2009

2 Red Bananas

Hi everyone. Still enjoying this wonderful snow. I was feeling quite pleased with myself yesterday when I thought I was organised. I still have to buy a few things and also need to do a fod shopping and...wrap whats left and the things I buy tomorrow all the housework ready for the big mans visit. As always, I am getting close to panic mode...or I would be if I wasn't so blooming tired, lol!

This card is one of a batch. I needed tomake a bundle of quick cards on Monday for posting so I used this swirly tree stamp from Dimension Forth. I stamped it in clear ink and sprinkled with embossing powder then heat embossed. The papers are K&Co mat stack from last year. The mirror card is from my stash. The sentiment is also heat embossed. The cards were done in red, gold and silver.

I am entering this into the 2 Red Bananas challenge where it's an inspirational challenge this week and the inspiration is a tree.

Thanks for taking the time to look.



Lisa Jane said...

I love the simple design.

Dawn B. said...

This is a terrific tree card..Thanks for joining 2RB's...

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