Sunday, 13 December 2009

Hi everyone.

I hope you are all well. This weekend has been hectic. My daughter, Kimberley has been chosen, along with 12 others from the school, to take part in a leadership week in Skye. I am absolutely delighted for her and so proud of her. I really hope she enjoys herself and gives everyhting she's got and also gets a great deal out of it. So...that also means that we are without our usual moody teenager for the week...and it is sooo quiet, lol.

On another note, the winner is.....Geordie Joe!!! YES!!! I have been quite disappointed with the show this year because firstly...Those twins were awful...Then, Jamie got the boot...Next, it was Daniel and... Poor Stacey. However, I really liked Joe (did like Olly to) but really thought that Joe was the better of the two and I am delighted that he won.

And, lastly, I have one other exciting piece of news will have to wait till Tuesday for it, LOL! Even though I am dying to tell you all!

Sorry I don't have anything to show tonight...too busy with the XFactor!


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