Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Christmas DVD Holder

Hello eveyone. I hope you are all well. Today, I have an hour to myself as I am trying to settle Wee Steven back into nursery after him being really upset and not wanting to go for ages...So, I thought about it long and hard and came to the conclusion that he doesn't like it because he can't get away with murder, lol...I thought it would be better if he went back and therefore...back to the settling in stage so, fingers crossed.

Anyway, today I have a project to show which I have made for Jack. I first seen this on Rach's blog and I think she bought a template for it but I tried it without the template and thought it wasn't too bad. I have used a Santa stamp by Sugar Nellie and coloured him with Promarkers. He also has white Flower Soft round his hat and coat and stickles for his beard and moustache. I cut the oval and scalloped oval on the Bug with Nesties. The CS is from my stash as is the paper and ribbons.

I have added some popcorn in one side.

Chocolate and sticky lollies in the other.

On the inside, I have added a piece of card to write a greeting on and used some stamps to decorate it. This is obviously not the DVD I am going to give to Jack,lol!

I can enter this into four challenges:

1. Cupcake Craft - Red & Green;
2. Stamp with Fun - Christmas;
3. Creative Card Crew - Christmas.
4. 2RedBananas - Christmas or Winter.

Thank for taking the time to look.



Nilla said...

What a fabulous fun idea! Love it! Thanks for joining the Christmas challenge at SWF! Hugs Nilla

agnes said...

What a great idea,beautiful colors.
Thanks for joining us.
Hugs agnes

Sam said...

What a wonderful project. I adore that Santa image - really must buy him....
Thanks for playing along at CCC this week.
Sam x

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